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Their Primary Orientation - Action


They have a need for action and performance, which commands attention! 

They are known for taking action or providing direction immediately!


Introduction and Overview


Self-confidant, able to size up situations quickly, finding solutions when none seem apparent, good negotiators can make difficult decisions - these are typical characteristics of the Action Way personality style. Whether they are administrators or team leaders, staff or co-workers, these personality types are many times referred to as “super self-confident”. 


These workers often draw attention of others. They have the ability to inject a note of spontaneity and fun into any situation, however serious. They are often great with tools and working with their hands. When administrators relate effectively to the Action Way staff, they can have a positive energizing affect on the entire organization.


The Action Way are usually very outgoing and provide positive and active direction and leadership for a project in which they are involved. They are oriented to the present and focused on whatever needs to be accomplished NOW. They usually have both active and dramatic ways of expressing themselves. Forthright and eager, the Action Way gets to the bottom line quickly, effectively and efficiently.

It is essential to see the Action Way medical staff as potential allies by virtue of the action-oriented gifts they bring to situations. Recognition of the unique gifts of these individuals will make the job of managing or leading them easier and more enjoyable.


If administrators gives the medical staff permission to do what they love doing, their cooperation and support will follow. The trick is to understand the gifts, the strengths, the core needs and values of this group, then to provide them with an environment that allows and encourages them to express themselves. This may be a challenge because some of these Action Way medical staff will find predictable activities and routines tedious and boring.


The Action Way administrators work very well in crisis situations and are rarely afraid of taking risks. If there is a need for the Action Way administrators to do something critical, point out the challenge. They love both the challenge of the task and responding to crises and they seem to have a knack for expediency to do whatever needs to be done. 


The Action Way has positive attitudes and are only temporarily defeated by setbacks. These are the true survivors. They also possess endurance far beyond the other personality types. 


Other types, at times, tend to see these Action Way as impulsive, but, in reality, it is their strong need and drive for action that others may be misjudging. They truly hunger for action and, conversely, get bored with inactivity. 


As administrators these folks are great encouragers or motivators, and masters of the  “grand gesture.”  They tend to live life, as well as manage, in large strokes and, therefore, need the skills of the Organized Way on staff to pick up the details and work toward closure.


Keirsey reports that "some large organizations make efficient use of the talents of this group when they merge or buyout another organization which is in the “red,” but which they want, perhaps, for patents and tax write-offs.  The larger organization sends in an Action Way trouble shooter to take over the smaller organization, with directions to straighten it out, that is, incorporate it into the body of the mother group.1


Although these Action Way administrators share a sense of reality with the Organized Way, they surpass them with their immediate negotiator action. 


The Action Way tend to be more practical than the Organized Way because their view of a “here and now” situation is not filtered or obscured by rules, regulations and traditions. They are willing to place everything on the table for negotiation. Under the leadership of Action Way administrators, things happen with an economy of motion and feeling and the organization moves on. 


The Action Way loves both the challenge of the task and the response to a crisis.




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