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It is necessary that the reader be familiar with Identity Mapping™ and the Four Ways System™, (the Personality Resources International (“PRI”) model), in order to gain the depth and breadth of meaning that this manual can provide.


This communications manual is divided into four sections:


  The Action Way (Orange)

  The Organized Way (Gold)

  The Relationship Way (Blue)

  The Logical Way (Green)


Each section describes an individual’s preferred “behaviour” and offers recommendations and suggestions on how to communicate and effectively relate with each “way” inside and outside of the work environment.


Additional information is also provided for the following:

  • Building positive self-esteem

  • Rewarding performance

  • Motivating job performance

  • Eliciting and insuring cooperation

  • Assessing managerial and leadership support

  • Dealing with performance problems

  • Reducing stress and conflict

  • Bring out the best in a team environment.

  • Influencing others

Each section is designed to provide the reader with sufficient information to understand the behaviours typical of each “way”, thus eliminating the need to refer to other sections for insights or answers to a particular question. 


A summary at the end of each of the four sections offers a quick reference highlighting the major points to consider when communicating and relating with a particular personality style.


As the global economy and the demands for increasing technological sophistication continue to change, it becomes increasingly important to understand, appreciate and communicate better with everyone we meet.


Using this communications manual effectively will assist in creating an environment that results in positive outcomes for staff members and increased positive morale for everyone in the organization.


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