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Competence and clarity of thought are the chief concerns of the Logical Way individuals, who comprise a relatively small group (ten to twelve percent or less of the population).


These ingenious individuals are both independent and creative. The secret in relating to the Logical Way individuals lies in stimulating them to utilize their minds in an atmosphere of freedom. Their ability to conceptualize can be a gift to the organization if opportunities are created for them to shine, rather than to feel out-of-step with other employees. 


An outstanding characteristic of the Logical Way personality is the ability to move into the future with ease and confidence. They are the visionaries. They tend to focus their attention on the mission and systems of the organization. The Logical Way individual can provide insightful strategic thinking for their organization.

The greatest source of positive self-esteem for the Logical Way individual is their intellectual capability. Thus a leader compliments them best when he or she recognizes their intellectual competence and their expertise. 


When working with the Logical Way individual, it is important to acknowledge the value and usefulness of their work, as the Logical Way individual does not seek recognition as readily as others. With this awareness, a manager or team leader will be more likely to interact with them in an appreciative and easy-going manner.


The Logical Way individual is prone at times to appear somewhat distant and difficult to approach. Although they feel their emotions deeply, they usually do not provide many clues regarding their reactions to experiences. 


When talking with others, the Logical Way characteristically enjoy playing with words and demonstrating a developed vocabulary, but they have little tolerance for redundancy or stating the obvious. 


These individuals generally place little emphasis on non-verbal cues and are accustomed to having others try to rationally grasp what they are saying.


The Logical Way individuals dislike repetition and instructions need to be as clear and direct as possible. Provide these individuals with some degree of freedom in selecting work assignments and projects, and let them chart their progress on assignments. This process will allow them to feel independent while providing an overview of their performance. Utilize their natural problem-solving capabilities to help find solutions to many company or system problems.


Power struggles with the Logical Way may be fruitless, and they may often challenge a leader’s ideas and facts. The Logical Way individual needs to question, explore, and receive validation for their own ideas, and will be happy to give their opinions. Administrators or team leaders can enlist great cooperation from these rational employees if a positive atmosphere for them is consistent in the workplace. 


These individuals take their own mistakes very seriously. The Logical Way need to hear praise for their efforts and ideas regularly; they are then encouraged to "hang in there" when the challenges seem too tough. Those with other personality styles may sometimes feel antagonistic toward the Logical Way individuals due to a perceived aloofness or displayed lack of social ease. Many of the Logical Way tend to live in a world of their own perceptions or in a world of ideas or big pictures.”


The Logical Way may sometimes be considered “loners”. Administrators or team leaders would do well to team them on work assignments with individuals of other personality styles in order for them to develop a rapport with a group. When setting up assignments, administrators or team leaders can indirectly provide the Logical Way with pointers regarding appropriate interaction with their team members. 


Emphasizing the importance of developing effective interpersonal skills is important. The Logical Way will profit by hearing examples of highly creative, successful team accomplishments by teams of scientists, engineers, and technicians.


As an administrator or team leader, the Logical Way is the designer of change. To work on a prototype is one of his or her greatest joys. Keirsey refers to this type in a leadership role as a "visionary." This personality type “can envision how an organization might look ten years hence and blueprint that ten-year goal, however, he may have difficulty communicating the details of these goals and the plans to reach them.”




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