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Organized Way employees are coordinators, organizers and managers, par excellence. In them, the company has willing and capable backup people to assist with management and to accomplish its organizational goals. 


The Organized Way - Gold excel at recalling exact details and formats as well as creating efficient procedures. 


This personality style is often represented by individuals who are “take-charge” people, or self-starters. They are and see themselves as responsible, dependable, detail-oriented, completers of tasks, with eyes for efficiency, accuracy and time-lines.


These individuals provide a sense of stability and order to any organization in which they are involved. Their regard for authority and loyalty is paramount in their structure and on their value list. They are described as the “backbone” of the company. Their orientation is clear: plan, execute operations


Company leaders of the Organized Way - Gold employees must be very specific with them about expectations and procedures. The Organized Way - Gold appreciate knowing how they are expected to perform. They thrive on accuracy and efficient utilization of time and materials. 


Those with this stabilizing orientation function best and are comfortable in a hierarchical organization. They are very loyal to the company and, indeed, proud of their membership. Often they appreciate specific instruction, including examples to illustrate a point. These employees like to deal with facts and concrete problems and speak in very realistic terms.


They may resist new ideas or changes in procedures until a leader demonstrates how other units or companies used the proposed changes effectively. The manager must concretely point out how the change in procedures will speed up the work and add to efficiency.


An the Organized Way - Gold manager for a company or corporation may be seen, according to David Keirsey, as a “Traditionalist, Stabilizer, or Consolidator.1 They are truly the "company person" whose focus and loyalty is always on the organization or company. 


The strengths of these the Organized Way - Gold managers or team leaders lie in the area of establishing policies, procedures, rules and schedules. The need for stability makes them supporters of the hierarchical paradigm. 


The personality style of stabilizers forces them to draw straight lines of communication and follow through. There are no “end runs” in these people’s authority processes. Employees often feel a sense of security with the Organized Way - Gold managers or team leaders because they are consistent and reliable.

The Organized Way - Gold leaders in the business community preserve the traditions and history of the company and, indeed, create rites or rituals in the organization to guarantee a sense of community. For the Organized Way - Gold leaders these activities invite a sense of belonging and a sense of permanence for all.


In our present paradigm shift to a partnership model or participative workforce in business and industry, the Organized Way - Gold managers or leaders have to spend a great deal of energy and focus on this goal. The new participative workforce paradigm does not come as second nature to this style of management or leadership. These managers are comfortable using traditional methods of position and authority.

George Washington, Harry Truman and George Bush are good examples of the Organized Way personalities. If there is a job to be done or a task to fulfill, the Organized Way are there to do it. The Organized Way - Gold usually feels obligated to serve and to see things through to the end. They strive to belong. Membership in any organization is crucial. Often they feel they earn this right to belong by fulfilling their obligations and duties. 


This is one of the reasons down-sizing is so difficult or seemingly unfair to the Organized Way - Gold types.



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