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Optimize the strengths of diverse personality types.

Our innovative solutions, applications and workshops allow participants to learn how to optimize their communication and observation skills, enabling the implementation of effective restructuring, motivation

and succession planning.








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Lauren Jawno, CNP, BEd, CHPC, CPT

Jennifer Stanford, PMP, MHCS

Dr. Frederick Leafgren, PhD

Réal Falardeau, BAE, BCA


.....about our presenters.


Engaged Employees.

Committed to organisational goals and values.


Increase the contribution to your organization's fiscal results with the help of our unique programs and our patented Identity Mapping process, an integral part of the Four Ways System™ .


Interactive Communication.

Programs created by Personality Resources.


Our continuously updated and improved communication programs have revolutionized the workplace environment and culture. Since 1999 many business, medical and educational institutions worldwide have implemented our organization enhancement programs.

Progressive Management.

with the Four Ways System™.



Based on Identity Mapping™, the

Four Ways System was created specifically for the reinforcement

of organizational core competencies.

Our initiatives will address crucial performance gaps by giving the participants the ability to apply their personal strengths to their work and

to the organizational environment.


Corporate Mapping™

The implementation of staff optimization.


A vital and key resource for personnel changes, corporate growth, restructuring and succession planning.


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