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productive group dynamics with our innovative and patented “Identity Mapping”  application and “The Four Ways System”. We enable people to communicate and relate to everyone through a “self-discovery” process that, in turn, will help them understand others.



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Our Workshops   are available in pre-packaged formats or we can create custom programs to meet your specific requirements. Below is a small sample of available modules.





Communicating with All Personality Types

High Performance Leadership

Increasing Management Effectiveness

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Enhanced Team Effectiveness and Trust

Managing Conflict and Stress

Emotional Intelligence Skill Development

Relationship Selling for Increased Sales

Managing Change




OUR achievements


Turn over One of our major telecommunications firms was experiencing a critically high rate turnover in one of their Customer Service departments. In an effort to stem the problem, the offices were redecorated, lighting was improved, and the salaries were increased. However, these solutions proved to be completely ineffective. One manager in particular stated that he had serious problems with punctuality and the disregard for corporate rules.


Personality Resources International was engaged to present a workshop to encourage employee motivation and loyalty. After the session, the PRI facilitators were actually quite impressed with the quality of the employees in the department, their outgoing, spontaneous personalities, and creative abilities.


Our analysis of the participant feedback of that workshop led to the conclusion that the recruitment criteria erroneously indicated that the company wanted “free-spirited”, “adventure-seeking” individuals, promising “flexible hours”, ”be your own boss”, “lots of opportunity for advancement”, and so on…….


What was actually required were the characteristics and strengths of “routine seeking,” “rule-following” individuals critical to a customer service environment.





Diversity   A popular international brewery was trying to cope with a variety of difficult diversity issues. Their HR department requested that PRI introduce the Four Ways System™, giving participants the capability to understand different core personality types. To a great extent, this decreased the perceived differences between genders, race, age, and culture.


The participants quickly discovered that they had more in common with individuals of different cultural and racial backgrounds than they did with individuals from their own racial and cultural backgrounds.



Change   Employees of a New York City executive search firm located across the street from the World Trade Centre had witnessed the tragic events of 9/11. When their building was condemned, they were forced to move to new offices in a mid-town location. This meant longer commutes and longer workdays for many. Also, the company was in the midst of a complete reorganization. All these changes created excessive stress levels for many employees.


PRI was engaged and we designed a program that gave employees an opportunity to understand themselves and others. Participants understood that everyone deals with change in different ways. The workshop provided a release from the stress through the highly participant-centered activities. It improved relationships, communication, and understanding.



CONFLICT   An international major food processor headquartered in the mid-west appointed a new CIO (Chief Information Officer) to oversee twenty-four managers. All the managers were either “logical” or “organized” in their primary “way” of being and behaving. In contrast, the new CIO was “action” in his first way. “Logical” and “organized” were his least developed areas. This created considerable conflict in the operations, management, and decision-making.





A one-day PRI workshop was created for this dysfunctional group giving them insight and awareness of their different operational styles.


Conflict immediately diminished as the new CIO took his subordinates’ needs into consideration. With follow-up coaching for the CIO, the unit was able to reach new heights. The help from PRI turns individual differences into strategic assets.




The identification of individual strengths, satisfactions, needs, and values is essential data that is critical for decision making about strategic placement of individuals in order to maximize talents and to benefit both individuals and the organization. Employees developed the skills they needed to cope more effectively with change and stress.













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