Individuals work in their own way;

......learn to adapt.

Some people prefer to communicate electronically rather than face to face, so take note. By not interrupting other people’s procedures (if avoidable), you will be perceived to be positive team player. Knowing individual personality types allows you to adapt your behaviour with them accordingly.



It shouldn’t always be a battle.

Engaging in workplace conflicts creates roadblocks and stresses everyone. Choose your priorities and discard the rest. It shouldn’t always be a battle. Decide when you should press on with an issue and when you should drop the issue.



Hey, we’re all in this together!
A variety of personalities allow for different opinions and ideas. It’s an excellent recipe for everyone targeting the same goal……success. Being passionate and offering opinions means we care.



Prepare a rebuttal.
Most individuals repeat patterns and usually behave predictably. A prepared response to predictable behaviour lets you win at least half the battle. Create mature and rational solutions.



Stop taking it personally.

Often an individual’s mood is a reaction to their personal issues. It’s more than likely that it has nothing to do with you. It may be difficult, but find some common ground; at the very least you may exist together civilly.



Encourage self-esteem.
Everyone wants to be heard and to feel valued and important! We all have our areas of expertise. No one knows it all. That’s why we must do it as a team.