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"The common goal our Facilitators have is the sincere desire to give a fresh and fun perspective on how we can interact with people that surround us every day!"


Dr. Fred Leafgren PhD

Personality Resources International LLC









Chief Executive Officer

Emergent Performance Solutions, LLC


A Human Capital and Project Management authority with 20 years of experience in high end consulting, Jennifer works with organizations to align strategy with the performance of the workforce, producing positive business results. She coaches and consults with government and industry leaders, creating performance environments that directly impact the bottom line.




Lorraine earned a BA in Educational & Community Studies from Leeds University & a Law Degree LLB from the University of London, England. Lorraine is also certified in Neuroscience Coaching & Leadership with specializations in Neuro Entrepreneurship, Neuro Health, Neuro Education, Neuro Spirituality and Neuro Relationships..





Lauren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and she is also certified in Stress Management by the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard Medical School. With a post-graduate certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Lauren is a an International Master Trainer in Personality Assessment and an internationally Certified High Performance Coach™.





Pro Team Games OHG


A graduate in Economics, Timm has been working with global companies as IT Manager for more than 20 years. During his seasoned career he has gained and applied significant expertise in communication analysis and conflict resolution, thus creating and leading successful teams and management change.

Diplom Volkswirt. Timm hat über 20 Jahre Erfahrung als EDV-Manager in internationalen Konzernen gesammelt. Dabei studierte er die Kommunikationsprobleme und wurde ein Experte für Teamaufbau, Teamführung und Change-Management





Pro Team Games OHG


With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration, Ulrich has accrued extensive experience working on international projects as an IT Manager. His Management-Change and Coaching skills allow for a strong focus on leading diverse and successful teams.Bachelor Business Administration.

Ulrich hat seine fundierte Teambuilding-Kompetenz über Jahre in zahllosen internationalen Projekten als EDV- Manager erlangt. Er ist Experte in Coaching, Change-Management und weiß, wie man erfolgreiche Teams aufbaut und führt.




CEO, GenesisSquared Counselling

Registered Psychotherapist

Specializing in shifting optics of both corporate cultures and individuals, Todd will help in the launching of new paths for transformational growth that will have a dramatic impact on relationships and performance.
He has successfully worked with senior executives, owner-entrepreneurs, major sales groups and professionals in a broad and diverse range of sectors.





Lighthouse Consulting LLC


Dave, a graduate of Duke University and the Kellogg Graduate School of Business, is a certified instructor, facilitator, published writer and an accomplished speaker.

His progressive talent strategies and organizational learning solutions have assisted organizations in multiple types of industries with challenging situations. 




Executive Vice-President

Personality Resources International


Réal's contribution to the business community includes General Manager for InfoUSA™, National Sales Director for Dow Jones and Company and Regional Director for Infocanada™, an Infogroup company. His Bachelor Degrees in Education, Administration & Commerce, and his complete business profile have brought real time experience to our firm.

La contribution de Réal à la communauté d'affaires comprend : Directeur général chez InfoUSA ™, Directeur national des ventes chez Dow Jones et Compagnie et Directeur régional chez InfoCANADA ™, une société d’Infogroup. Ses Baccalauréats en éducation, administration et commerce, et son profil d’affaires ont apporté une expérience inégalée à notre cabinet.











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