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Programs for individuals and organizations


Better Attendance

Increase Morale

Reduce Student Drop-outs

Reduce Teacher Burn-out & Absenteeism

Improve Test Scores

Teaching and Learning "Four Ways™"



Diversity and Inclusion Training will meet the needs of any increasingly diverse environment!


Our programs will encourage individuals to be aware, inclusive and welcoming in a constantly changing society.








Identify the Four Ways™ to Teach & Learn

School/College/University Mapping

Create Dynamic School Relationships

Embrace Diversity in the Classroom

Create the Ideal Classroom

Recognize and Reward Students Effectively

Effective Discipline

Train Student Leaders

Improve Parent/Student/Teacher Communication

Identify & Eliminate Behaviour Problems

Emotional Intelligence for Administrators

Work With & Influence the School Board



 Personality Resources International

will create, develop and deliver

workshops, applications and programs

 specifically tailored to fit

your training requirements.












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