Personality Resources International 2020


John W. Munson and Dr. Frederick Leafgren

2020 National Wellness Conference

Dr. Fred Leafgren, Chairman of Personality Resources International, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin has just received

a prestigious award at the June 2017 National Wellness Conference.



The 2017 NWI William B. Baun Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to

Dr. Frederick Leafgren

at the 2017 National Wellness Conference



Dr. Fred Leafgren, an unsung hero of the Wellness Movement, shares with us how he and his colleagues launched the first National Wellness Conference in 1977, and how this conference gave birth to the National Wellness Institute (NWI).


The Institute consistently continues to provide unparalleled resources and services to wellness and to Wellness Promotion Professionals to fuel personal and professional growth.


Currently, the annual National Wellness Conference is the most highly acclaimed Professional Conference in the Health and Wellness Sector.

Here is Dr Leafgren telling us about the birth of the Institute (published on the National Wellness Institute website)........








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